The future is now.

NuGen Medical Devices specializes in developing and commercializing drug delivery technologies. 

Our products are designed to benefit and improve the wellbeing of the millions of people worldwide who have a need for safe and effective drug delivery.

Nugen MD’s needle-free drug delivery system is designed for healthcare practitioners and patients who self-administer.

NuGen needle-free medical device

Why needle-free?


Fast absorption & action of insulin


No needle disposal issues




Portable, all-in-one design


Virtully pain free


No risk of needlestick injuries

How does it work?

The liquid drug is inserted into the device, which uses a simple, but powerful, spring-loaded mechanism. 

Pressure is built up and releases the drug as a fine jet stream of liquid, travelling fast enough to penetrate the skin via a microscopic entrance. 

In less than one-tenth of a second, the drug is dispensed more safely and evenly compared to needle syringes. It’s also virtually painless and leaves no mark on the skin.

Who is it for?

Girl smiling with a doctor


NuGen MD’s needle-free devices offer efficacy for patients and prevent biohazardous accidents for health care workers


Globally, there are 463 million adults who live with diabetes, many of whom self-administer insulin several times a day


By reducing pain and trauma, the needle-free system allows quick and easy treatment of pets–at the vet’s office and at home

NuGen needle-free injection being self-administered

Home healthcare

Home users require self-injectable devices for many reasons, from hormone therapy, to treating chronic diseases

Dentist working on a patient

Dental anesthesia

NuGen MD’s needle-free device can deliver local anesthetic faster than conventional needle syringes, with virtually no pain

Patient getting treated

Cosmetic treatments

NuGen MD’s needle-free system eliminates after-treatment marks on skin, making it perfect for treatments such as Botox

No needles, no worries.